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Two exhibitions at WAI

The HABITAT collective and some of its founders will be attending the World Social Forum in Tunis March 26 to 30 with a photographic exhibition as part of the World Assembly of Inhabitants.


Habitat is a research project about "alternative" housing. The object of Habitat is to build a collection of works by photographers, artists and researchers dealing with the refusal of the urban housing standard.
Anarchism, agricultural communes, social housings, self-sufficient villages, experimental residential systems, spiritual communities, collectivization, land-sharing, urban nomadism... Communities, either built upon fair living ideas or created to get out of an emergency status, are the living example of a conscious choice opposing the urban status quo and the Property/House/Family trinity. The choice as a "principle" and the western society as a "cause" represent a dichotomy we find in all the works included in Habitat.
Habitat aims its attention to the housing problems and to the individual and collective solution.

Habitat is a permanent and open online archive www.habitatproject.it . We continue inviting new authors  to submit their works to Habitat, whatever medium they use for their research (photography, essays, video, installations, public actions, performance, etc.).

The Tunis World Social Forum would be the channel for pushing the project into a broader dimension, outside the national scope, and it would be a chance to compare the different models of standard and “alternative” housing.

We imagine the exhibition as a place of discussion and exchange of ideas, collaborations, proposals.



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