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2007 Social Forums

Siberian Social Forum: Progress in coordinating the movement

Solidarity solving “logistical” problemsThe fourth Siberian Social Forum was held between the 3rd and the 5th of august, 2007, in Novosibirsk. An assembly of social movements and labour unions attended the Forum this year. During the 3 days, over 250 delegates from 32 Russian regions worked to bring together their points of view and to begin a campaign network and plan.

Right to the City

A New National AllianceRight to the City (RTTC) is a newly formed alliance of base building groups and allies from cities across the U.S. calling for a united response to gentrification and displacement. We stand together under the notion of a right to the city for all.

The U.S. Social Forum 2007

The World Social Forum has finally arrived in the U.S. with the slogan “Another World is possible: another U.S. is necessary.” The USSF take place in Atlanta, Georgia between June 27th and July 1st. This is a strategic step towards building this other world from within the Empire, responding to a real necessity.Going to the heart of the Empire to unite the fight for Housing Rights without Borders

Germany 2007: the altermondialists and the G8

Meetings to try to understand and guide the world of the future The altermondialist movement begins and, after the WSF in Nairobi , its International Council meets in Berlin May 29 – 31. The social movements assembly extends it to June 1st, in Rostock on the Baltic Sea, as a prologue to the June 2nd demonstration against G8 .