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Call to convergence for Rio+20 and beyond

International networks and organizations of inhabitants for urban reform and habitat rights will participate in the People’s Summit against the commodification of life and nature, and in defense of the common goods in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from June 15-23, 2012, to be held before the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20).

We are launching this call so that this space becomes a milestone in the consolidation of dialogue and alliances to reach a consensus on a platform and program for common action between urban and rural inhabitant movements and all those organizations that fight for just, democratic and sustainable territories.

We are building this dialogue to further our efforts in upcoming spaces like the World Urban Forum 6 – and the Urban Social Forum 2– (Naples, September 2012) and the World Social Forum –World Assembly of Inhabitants – (Tunisia, March or April 2013).

The International Alliance of Inhabitants, global network of urban social organizations and movements without boundaries, strongly supports the Call of the People's Summit for Social and environmental Justice and the Permanent Assembly of the Peoples, against the commoditisation of life and nature and in defense of common goods, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 15-23 June 2012,  simultaneously to the UN Conference for Sustainable Development (Rio+20).

Peoples and citizens are already starting to prepare for the Summit Rio+20. Find here the Initiatives and the schedule of activities of the partners in the process. Find also the Documents and Proposals, and be part of the Rio+20 Community.