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USSF 2010

A call to unite

In unity with the International Alliance of Inhabitants, the US Alliance of Inhabitants has been formed to: gather and support each other’s struggles share our knowledge and skills enhance communication and collaboration, join the global movement for housing rights. Join us at inhabitants session Thu, 06/24/2010 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm - Cobo Hall: DO-5B

USA-Canada Alliance of Inhabitants Launched

Launching the USACAI at the whole of USSF In the context of historic levels of homelessness, displacement, forced evictions, and foreclosures, some 100 housing activists from many parts of the USA and Canada voted unanimously to create the USA-Canada Alliance of Inhabitants (USACAI). They had come to a June 24 session at the US Social Forum entitled How to Claim the Right to Housing and the City: Take Over, Take Back, and Take It to the World .

USA, Poverty Working Group Announcements USSF

Over 20,000 people from across the United States and the world will unite at USSF in Detroit from June 22 – 26 to articulate visions and plan concrete strategies to strengthen and build our movements for social justice. The USSF is grounded in an understanding that successful social movements are always led by those most affected. The Poverty Working Group of the USSF has been working for months to bring poor people from across the country to Detroit for this historic opportunity to unite and create strategic plans for action.

March to fulfill the dream

April 4, 2010: MARCH TO FULFILL THE DREAM kicks off in New Orleans, bound for theUnited States Social Forum in Detroit, June 22-26 FROM GROUND ZERO OF KATRINA TO GROUND ZERO OF THE ECONOMIC STORM www.economichumanrights.org info@economichumanrights.org March to Fulfill the Dream -- Historic march and caravan led by poor people goes from New Orleans to the U.S Social Forum in Detroit .