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ESF 2008

Towards a forum for the right to the city

EUROPEAN SOCIAL FORUM City Seminar Malmö, September 16-21 2008CONCLUSIONS

From Malmö to the whole of Europe

Almost invisible in the city, except during the final demonstration of the forum, the 15,000 or so participants at the Malmö ESF (European Social Forum) created new links as the social movements of the North encountered groups from all across the continent, Russia and Turkey included. The success of the inhabitants initiatives addressing the right to housing and the city should be highlighted, attracting over 300 participants from Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Basque Country, Bolivia, the United Kingdom and Greece.

Cap Nord ESF in Malmö

The European Social Forum ‘Cap Nord’ in Malmö (17-21 September 2008) is the unexpected product of an initiatve to bring the anti-globalisation debate to the historical (and now crisis-ridden) homeland of social democracy and the welfare state, to establish direct links between the social movements of the European Union and those of the former Soviet bloc.

Programme ESF 2008

‘Housing and urban’ initiatives

Towards a new citizen-centred urban social pact

The failure of the neoliberal model of cities. In the run-up to the World Urban Forum (to be held in Beijing, 4-7 November 2008) – thirty-two years after the first world summit on urban issues (Habitat I, held in Vancouver), it’s really difficult to believe that world summits and the declarations they generate have any real impact.

Sweden market

Seminar on the right to housing, European Social Forum Presentation by Sara SVENSSON, Swedish association of tenantsMalmö, Sept. 19, 2008