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Naples, Italy, 6th September 2012  
 Over 250 local, national and international inhabitants’ organisations and networks for rights related to habitat, engaged in the struggle for decent living conditions in cities and territories, participated in 42 initiatives which were organized as part of the 2nd Urban Social Forum (USF) in Naples, Italy, from 3-7 September 2012. The USF is completely independent, self-managed, self-financed and presents an alternative to UN-Habitat’s sixth World Urban Forum (WUF 6). The USF is collectively responsible and committed to defending the right to the city and territories of common goods.

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“Sorry if I arrived late and I haven’t been able to follow your talk, but I left my headset for interpretations in another room.” Thus the person representing UN-Habitat began the dialogue with civil society organisations at the World Urban Forum.

We publish the official report of the Round Table at f the World Urban Forum in Naples, which challenges the  propaganda  that claims a pretended  unanimous acceptance for  ‘Manifesto for the  Cities’, revealing, rather, an unprecedented breakaway from? the UN-Habitat’s handling of the issue that contradicts the ‘human rights’ approach which should be part of its very DNA.  This is a new challenge to defend democracy for the civil society.