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About the WSF Global Day of Mobilisation

Act together for housing for all

World Social Forum Mobilization on January 26th 2008

The longest Day for Housing Rights without borders

Will see the start of inhabitants’ organizations and social urban movements’ initiatives in the Far East of the Russian Federation which will set the wheels in motion for housing rights without borders as part of the WSF’s 2008 Global Day of Mobilization. In fact, there will be dozens and dozens of marches, protests, debates and assembly’s which, for the first time in the history of humanity, will simultaneously commit tens of thousands of people to the claims of housing rights without borders in both rich and poor countries, in the south and the north and in the east and the west.

Shared memories for the future of the housing right with no boundaries

The WSF’s Day of Global Mobilisation which took place on January 26th 2008 was a success.In fact, some fifty marches, squatts, debates and assemblies simultaneously brought together, for the first time in history, tens of thousands of people in demanding the housing right with no boundaries, in rich countries as well as poor ones, north and south, east and west.The topic at hand was the suitable conclusion to the global campaign “Act together - housing for all!” launched by the IAI, HIC and FAL, which began with the World Day for the Right to Housing and the World Zero Evictions Days in October 2007. It was a mobilization that lasted four months, which saw the emergence of struggles, proposals and international solidarity, showing the commitment of the assembly of convergencyat the end of the WSF in Nairobi, as well as the signing of the Call for unity of urban social movements.