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The Social Forum of Resistance to Habitat III: events which leave a mark

Resistance to Habitat III, summary and lessons learned

Marcha de inauguración Foro Social de Resistencia Popular a Habitat III, QUITO, ECUADOR (17 octubre 2016) With the support of Global IAITo those who resisted and resist day after day defending their territories. INTRODUCTIONAny global event bringing together many of the people involved in public decisions about habitat and territory will result in resistance and mobilization at the very least. One example we can cite are the events at the Habitat II conference in Istanbul, where protests were harshly repressed by the Turkish police [1] .

Fifth Session of the International Tribunal on Evictions: the urgent need for a global moratorium

The fifth Session of the International Tribunal on Evictions in Quito, Ecuador, has exposed the tragedy of evicted people, a taboo subject at the UN Habitat III Conference despite the figure surpassing 60 million people on a global scale. Despite the threat of police action, the opening session at Monte Sinaí, Guayaquil, with 600 people in attendance, and the Session in a crowded lecture hall in Quito, gave a voice to the poignant testimonies calling neoliberal policies into account. The verdict that came out of this Session is final: public authorities have a responsibility and must urgently put in place a global moratorium on evictions. Solidary mobilisation will have a key part to play in this.

The Charter of Inhabitants’ Responsibilities: contributions of the Urban and Community Way

Taller Carta de Responsabilidad de los habitantes, QUITO, ECUADOR (18 octubre 2016) The Alliance for Responsible and Sustainable Societies (founded in 2003) is an evolution on the “Charter of Human Responsibility” programme put forward by the “Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World” (1993-2002). The Charter programme (December, 2001) also gave rise to the “Forum of Ethics & Responsibilities” (FER), launched in 2009.