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Inhabitants from Dhaka to Dakar through Asia!

Building the Bangladesh WAI Steering Committee (Dhaka, September 2 2010)

Building the Bangladesh WAI Steering Committee (Dhaka, September 2 2010)

Draft statement

WAI (WSF 2011) Preparatory Meeting of Bangladesh Steering Committee

September 02, 2010, Dhaka, Bangladesh

On the occasion of the preparatory meeting of the Bangladesh steering committee on the World Assembly of Inhabitants-WAI / WSF Dakar, Senegal (Dhaka to Dakar), held on Thursday, September 02, 2010 at Shelter for the Poor office, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we, participants representing different inhabitant’s organizations (NGOs working on housing and Land rights issues) have met to share our experiences on housing rights and its violations as well. Our fellow participants, the head of inhabitant’s organizations shared ongoing activities, experiences, struggles and dealing with the continuing challenge of government approach of eviction without any rehabilitation.

We also learned about the Zero Eviction Campaign and agreed to consult our constituencies regarding added value to linking our ongoing and forthcoming specific actions in local and regional levels to the Zero Eviction Campaign in the coming months.

We have had a very detail discussion on the background of the World Assembly of Inhabitants (WAI) which will be held in February 2011 (WSF Dakar), its evolution as a specific space for inhabitants in various parts of the world, struggling for secure land and shelter tenure, the right to the city has been acknowledged under the framework of the World Social Forum. Also, we discussed the mode of activities to be taken in Bangladesh to observe the Zero Evictions days.

As our contribution to the preparatory process for WAI, we agreed to undertake the following:

Disseminate the above information to other rights based NGOs / organizations and also propose to other inhabitant’s organizations and networks all over the country (Bangladesh) to join the WAI local initiatives / process.

  • Establish the WAI Steering Committee for Bangladesh, which can plan and organize for maximum participation for the WAI in 2011 February as well as formulate a two / three years Bangladesh country action plan for the post 2011 WAI, as part of the Asian steering committee.
  • This meeting designates Mr. Abu Rayhan Al-Beeroonee as our representative (Convener of the Bangladesh steering committee) to the WAI and to the Global Steering Committee meeting of WAI in Bobigny, France on October 11-16.
  • Identify local government executives who are current allies of inhabitants to establish partnership and support with Forum of Local Authorities, as well as Foundations or other stakeholders, to implement the WAI process, the contents, and the dialogue, as well as enable inhabitants to participate in Dakar.
  • Carry out mass actions in local level to observe the World Habitat Day 2010, on first Monday of October 2010 and during the whole month as World Zero Evictions Days, to underscore inhabitants as a basic sector which has right to the city, and in building communities based that serve as foundations for sustainable community development.
  • A local level dialog / discussion meeting will be organized to observe the Zero Eviction Days / World Habitat Day 2010 by October 10, 2010; which will be sponsored by PDAP (an active member of the Bangladesh steering committee).
  • Designate Mr. Abu Rayhan Al-Beeroonee as the Convener of WAI Bangladesh Steering Committee and all the fellow organizations i.e. IPD, PDAP, DSK, BAWSE, PRATAY, RHDS, PROSHIKA, Angikar Bangladesh-AB are the honorable members of the Bangladesh steering committee.
  • The fellow participants of this meeting (02/9/10) would like to know from the IAI and from the Asian Steering Committee, that how to explore (where / to whom submit proposals / projects) for funding support from international organizations / foundations / donors to participate from Dhaka to Dakar.
SL Participants Name Organization
1 Dr. Mahmudur Rahman IPD
2 Ms. Quazi Baby PDAP
3 Ms. Mahbuba Begum BAWSE
4 Ms. Rokeya Jahan Reba PRATAY
5 Dr. M. Mosharraf Hossain RHDS
6 Mr. Md. Abul Kasem Polash PROSHIKA
7 Abu Rayhan Al-Beeroonee Shelter for the Poor

Participants agreed to be a member but not present at the meeting due to other problems are:

SL Participants Name Organization
1 Dr. Dibalok Singha DSK
2 Mr. Muhaamad Hilal Uddin Angikar Bangladesh





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