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Tribunal of evictions: governments and UN-Habitat accused

Naples 4/09/2012 After the Salzano-Roussopulos debate on the right to the city for the common good, the workshop on zero evictions and the International Meeting of the victims of the real estate markets, the first day of the Urban Social Forum finished with the Tribunal of evictions and the land grabbing of land before the Overseas Exhibition.

Visit of the UN Rapporteur on housing rights, but which city wants to sell the UN-Habitat to the free-market?

Campi ROM Giuliano Naples, September 3rd  2012 Naples has given a special welcome to the Urban Social Forum (USF). While the UN-Habitat trade fair has refused to include burning issues in the official agenda, such as evictions, yesterday morning a delegation of the USF, in conjunction with Raquel Rolnik (the United Nations Special Rapporteur on housing right) met the social organisations in the working class areas of Scampia and the residents of Giugliano, a rom camp, which has been served with an eviction notice for September 7th . The reports of violations gathered in Naples, and at a national level, have put Italy at the top of the list of the Rapporteur's official missions in the coming months.

Aperto il Foro Sociale Urbano: all' ex-asilo Filangieri e nei quartieri popolari della città

Campi ROM Giuliano, Napoli, Italia 2/09/2012 La prima giornata del Forum Sociale Urbano si è aperta all’ex-asilo Filangieri con l’accoglienza e l’iscrizione dei partecipanti e con un pranzo Sociale organizzato dal Comitato Promotore.Contemporaneamente una delegazione del forum ha accompagnato la relatrice speciale delle Nazioni Unite per il diritto alla casa- Raquel Rolnik- a svolgere una working visit nel cuore di Scampia presso lo sportello Anticamorra, il Gridas e le Vele; in seguito Raquel Rolnik ha visitato i campi ROM di Giugliano.

Naples welcomes the Urban Social Forum: residents standing up for common goods!

More than 40 initiatives have been planned in the framework of the Urban Social Forum, which will be held during the first week of September, turning Naples into the world capital of the struggles for the right of residents to common goods, providing a real alternative to the World Urban Forum organized by the UN-Habitat, which is just another trade fair selling out the future of cities hit by the crisis. The promoting committee of the Urban Social Forum, which includes the main international networks advocating the right to housing, as well as local and national organizations, has already won the challenge of organizing a completely self-managed and self-sustaining Forum.

Comunicato stampa del 2/09/2012

Napoli, benvenuti al FSU : abitanti alla riscossa per i beni comuni! Più di 40 diverse iniziative in cartellone al Foro Sociale Urbano, la prima settimana di settembre, faranno di Napoli la capitale mondiale delle lotte per il diritto alla città dei beni comuni, vera alternativa al Forum Urbano Mondiale di ONU-Habitat, ennesima fiera-mercato del futuro delle città in crisi.In questo modo, il Comitato promotore FSU, costituito dalle principali reti internazionali per il diritto ad abitare e le organizzazioni locali e nazionali, ha già vinto la sfida di un Foro totalmente autogestito e autofinanziato.

Naples, the institutions should defend the right to the city of common goods, not the UNO-Habitat's WUF, which is eating up public spaces

40 days before the inauguration of the Urban Social Forum (USF) dedicated to the “right to the city of common goods ” as an alternative to UNO-Habitat's World Urban Forum (WUF),  the International Committee of the World Social Forum (IC WSF) has sent the institutions involved a strongly critical letter expressing its concern at the complete closure of spaces and the lack of collaboration with the USF.