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Call: publically denounce violations of housing and land rights

The USF Organizing Committee invites all social groups and organizations that wish to speak out against a specific violation of housing or land rights, caused either by eviction or land-grabbing, to take part in the “Eviction and Land-grabbing Tribunal ”.>>> To be sent before August 20 2012

Propose an initiative for the USF before 20 August 2012!

(www.napolimonitor.it, Peppe Cerillo, 2012) The Urban Social Forum Organizing Committee (Naples, Italy, 3 – 7 September 2012) invites all those who share the Call“The Right to City for the Defense of Common Goods” to propose a workshop, an assembly, a cultural activity, etc. to fill the common area of inhabitants’ organisations and international networks for housing rights with content and participation.

Per la città dei beni comuni: volontari ora, volontari tutti!

Il Foro Sociale Urbano lancia un bando rivolto a tutti i giovani e meno giovani che vogliono dare una mano nella realizzazione di un evento che, dal 3 al 7 settembre prossimi, farà di Napoli la capitale mondiale del diritto alla casa e alla città dei beni comuni.

Let's build an open space for all those struggling for a City of Common Goods as an alternative to the market-city of UN-Habitat's WUF

Naples, Italy, 05 07 2012 With the participation of some thirty associations making up the Organising Committee, and in particular, with interventions by: Father Alex Zanotelli, Combonian Missionary; Consiglia Salvio, Movement for Water; Cesare Ottolini, Global Coordinator of IAI and member of the International Council of the WSF; and Mauro Forte, urbanist, the University of Naples Faculty of Architecture has hosted the public presentation of the Urban Social Forum (USF).

Send your video-postcards to the Urban Social Forum!

We're inviting everyone, from all over the world, to send us a video-postcard  they've made , so we can compile them into a living mosaic to motivate our invitations to participate in the USF in Naples, Italy, on 3-7 September 2012.

For the Right to the City of Common Goods!

A press conference will be held in Naples, Italy, at 12.00 am on 29th June 2012, in room 0.4 of the Faculty of Architecture, via Forno Vecchio , to launch the 2nd.  edition of the Urban Social Forum (USF ), with the participation of the organisers: Inhabitants' Organisations, Local Associations, NGOs, Movements and International Networks.