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Argentina: Building the World Assembly of Inhabitants...

On 22 September the Southern Zero Evictions Antenna held a fellowship dinner in the “Our Home” Popular Diner, with organizations, cooperatives and friends from the International Alliance of Inhabitants, to share information and plans for setting up an Argentine Committee to plan for and promote the World Assembly of Inhabitants.

Cristina Reynals explained the IAI’s objectives of achieving high levels of attendance at the World Assembly of Inhabitants and the benefits of such a global meeting, encouraging the sharing of experiences and collective learning and strengthening the work of organizations sending representatives to the Assembly.

After an exchange of views between those present, a Committee for Promoting the World Assembly of Inhabitants was formed. Its members include: Ana Maria Sanchez (Housing cooperative), Estela Cortilla (Movimiento Situación de Calle), Francesco Venturin (IAI, for six months), Jaime Cossio (Cooperativa Luz y Progreso), José Acuña (former member of AU3), Marina Thia (Federación de cooperativas Todos Juntos), Miguel Ojeda (Asamblea por la Recuperación del Barrio Ejército de los Andes).

The objectives of the Committee are:

- to prepare for the 2011 Assembly and communicate the importance of the event to others

- to organize events promoting the Assembly

- to promote the Assembly to other organizations, building on and reliving the memory of the World Assembly of Inhabitants of 2000, both nationally and internationally

- to explore funding avenues to cover the costs of accommodation and communications for participants in the World Assembly of Inhabitants

- to coordinate communications with other Latin American committees

To assist communication the following email address has been created: comite.amp@gmail.com

The Committee will receive support from Carlos Armando (Fedevi) and Cristina Reynals (IAI – Cono Sur) as the representatives of the Southern Zero Evictions Antenna.

FEDEVI will provide office space, infrastructure and internet access until the Assembly meets.

After these actions were agreed a toast was offered to celebrate this important step forward.

We are particularly thankful to Susana Funes and her team in the Popular Diner Our Home in la Boca, who acted as our hosts, prepared and served a delicious supper and welcomed us with their usual good spirits.

The Volunteer translator for housing rights without frontiers of IAI who has collaborated on the translation of this text was:

Ann Varley


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